A Guide On Preparing Easy Prep Meals for Your Family

If you are always in a rush, you may not have time to cook food for our family. When faced with calamities, you probably have just to grab anything you see. While you may have purchased some dried meats and canned goods to keep you full, it would also be great to have easy prep meals that you and your family members enjoy.

Here’s how you can prepare easy prep meals:

1. Put Salads on Mason Jars

If you are stuck at home or in your office, having a soggy salad for your meal might be too much for you. But by layering your salads in a mason jar, you can enjoy the vibrant colors and the crunch of your meal. 

In making salads in mason jars, keep your vegetables crunchy by placing the dressing first. Then, shake it up once you are ready to eat your meal.

2. Pack Some Smoothie Bags

Are you thinking of making a smoothie in a faster way? Then, assembling a smoothie bag is the solution. By having everything measured and prepared, all you need is just to dump the contents of the bag in the blender and make your smoothie in the fastest way possible.

To make a smoothie bag, all you need are small plastic bags and your frozen fruits. You can have frozen berries or bananas. Once you have measured your frozen fruits, store them in plastic bags, and keep them in the freezer until you need them. You will get to enjoy a healthy breakfast in just a few minutes.

3. Make Veggie Burgers

If you want to spice up your lunch, one of the best options would be a veggie burger wrap. Make a huge batch of veggie burgers as they are not only tasty but are great healthy food options. You can indulge yourself with these easy prep meals, or you can pair it with a salad. The good thing about these veggie wraps is that you can make several amounts of it and just store it in the freezer for quick lunches.

4. Prepare Individual Snack Servings

If you get hungry in the middle of the night and you find it hard to cook, it would definitely be great to have some packed snacks as you look in your kitchen shelves. When you want to make sure that you get healthy options, it would be best to pack individual servings of healthy snacks and store them in your pantry. You can create small plastic bags of popcorn, trail mix, or nuts. Not only are you in for a nice treat, but you are also able to control your portions!

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