7 Ways to Open A Can Without A Can Opener

We often end up forgetting essential tools as we try to save our lives during calamities. We panic when disasters strike; that’s why we often leave our things accidentally at home. When this happens, and you need to evacuate, there is definitely no going back.

If it so happens that you do not have tools as you evacuate, resourcefulness will help you survive.

Here are some ways to open a can without a can opener:

1. Fork

While this technique is very effective, avoid getting yourself hurt while using a fork. If you have gloves with you, wear them as opening a can using a fork may require much time and to avoid getting hurt.

2. Spoon

While you can open a can using a fork, you might be wondering if you can also do this using a spoon. The answer is yes! You can definitely open a can by using a spoon. But be sure you wear gloves if you happen to have a pair of them.

3. Machete or Knife

A large knife is the most common tool for opening a can without using a can opener. This tool is probably everyone’s first choice. If it so happens that you do not have a knife. You can get a screwdriver or anything that has similar characteristics with a knife.

4. Ax

If you want to make things easier, why not use an ax instead? While it is not common to open a can with an ax, it is actually possible. But this may not be easy.

5. Flat Stone or Concrete

If you are patient and you do not mind getting a bit messy, then this method is for you. A flat stone or concrete might be something you have not imagined using to open a can. But this tool works, too. 

When using a stone or concrete, rub it to the lid continuously until the metal thins down due to friction. As this may take more time than expected, extra caution is necessary. Be alert while doing this as concrete may possibly enter your food while you are in the process of opening it.

6. Metal File

When opening a can by using a metal file, the same steps are applied with how you do it with concrete or flat stone. The difference is that you can open the can while it is standing upright. With this position, you are able to avoid the contents of the can from spilling. 

Use the metal file to remove the top rim and then open the lid by using a spoon or anything that can elevate the lid. When using a metal file, however, you need to be cautious with the pieces of metal that may enter your food.

7. Bare Hands

While this may sound ridiculous, using your bare hands to open a can actually work. But take note, this technique might not be for everyone. Opening a can needs physical strength if you plan it to open with your hands. But if you are stuck on a deserted island and you have nothing but canned foods, using your hands might be the only option that you have.

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